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Althought I've succefully used my 161 all over the season (and almost in any wind) I have to say that some guy here has felt that (hypothetical) better high wind attitude of 160 or that "user-friendly" personality.
But when you're not one of PROS your credit about these arguments is limited and you go on thinking about you're not as good as the new board is!
When,later in the season,you discover your sensations were close to the ones many people out there has you feel happy....
Right now,after 10 manches, Antoine (161) is first,Steve (160) second,Aarnon (160) fourth,Juju (161) fifth,Paulao (161) sixth,Jesper (161) seventh,Fabio (160) eight,Wojtek (160) nineth,Michal (160) tenth.
If we read deeper we could say that 160,in Fortaleza condition,suits fine for many guys as 161 does.In my opinion ranking would be quite similar if they would used 161.Problem is that they aren't able to beat A2 in any stuff they sail!
What really impress me is that massive presence of Starboard in top 10 and the attitude to release always top products able to perform at the top also after couple of seasons!
I'm really interested in Remi or Ian opinion about this argument....
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