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Default evo62 as a one only board

I read all the previous posts where the evo62 appears, but still have some questions.

I now have an Evo 70, but I'm looking for a new one, since after two years of sailing, the board shows a big crack in the middle between front footstraps and I'd better be prepared for its funeral..

I'm very happy with my current 2005 evo70, it boosted my waveriding skills, after making my wave debut on a classic was a revelation
But sometimes, in good powered conditions, and especially in chop, I found it a bumpy ride, and sometimes a little slow and big for me. That's when a little bit less width would please me (the 62?)
On the other hand, on light days, I was pleased with the amount of volume under my feet...

So, now the question: how small is the 62? I would rather stay with my "one board' solution, and that's when the "62" scares me....Is it a completely different shape or is it a smaller version of the 70? And how can it be compared to a classic board, more like a 68 then?

My stats: I weigh 66 kg, sails: 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, I go out on a 5 bft minimum.
Spots: North Sea Belgium (Oostende), North France (Wissant, Wimereux,..)

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