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i think we're missing out on a system here ..
step by step:
whats the proposed box? high winds, small board, small adapted sail and special fin
first two are inevitable, second two are variable but will reach there limits (sails break, we can't pull them back anymore etc .. fins break and fins will give us a few more problems)
so what are the solutions?
first off: what are the basic functions of our 'variables'
1) sail = powerdrive, engine, force
2) fin (this is where it get technical) = a vertical piercing in your board designed to help inclined plane which in it's turn will allow you to go much faster using much less energy (how this works ... well i read stuff about pressure differences that are caused through the driving of the 'piercing' though the waterarea which are then transferred into a vertical lift or something)
now, what are the limitations of that same fin?
it will at a certain point come to a point where it's resulting force = 0 and you won't be able to increase the speed anymore without further adaptation which would mean a status quo of your speed and therefore a limit to you box. Even if you increase the driving force of your sail by lowering the point of labour to your harnesshook and allowing you to controle bigger sails in more wind, you will at some point hit the boundry of your fin. The question Jim Drake now faces is how to get beyond that point.

plausible? it does sound a bit more likely then a HS with a spoiler and no fin (no offence to LK, he makes good remarks on other stuff)
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