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the box being a mathematical structure i think is somewhat true, but on the other hand it may be, i believe, compared to philosophical 'paradigma's' by which everything is defined. Being part of one paradigma is no definate state if you have the need to exceed it, or go underneeth it. Transending a paradigma though, only means you fall into another one.
In that aspect though, you could say that you never manage to fall out of a paradigma and therefore you're also never able to get out 'the box', you just transend to another one...
A box is limited by it's factors, in this case fin + sail + board ... they have their limits; find the solution to transend those limits by whatever means you need and then you eighter transend into another box with new parameters or you expand the old boxes limits untill you hit another utter limit. eighter way, you're no longer in the old box, it's a new one because it has a new shape, or new parameters.
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