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Default 2nd time around upwind January 2007

Cannon EOS 20D, 6 frames a second, Michi was out'a'the picture by the 6th shot, I don't know who shot this action. Wasn't me. Wind was 18-22 knots.

He borrowed Antoine's kit for this event, but used a Kashy fin.

The next two racers are in 2nd and 3rd place.

Gabriel Browne BRA-50, current FW youth world champ.
15 years old @ the time this pic was taken and Super Sexy Steve Sixty Silverester. About 60 years @ the time this was taken.

Clicked off a few more frames for this sequence. Maybe two to three seconds worth.

Some of just want to race and we would still go even if first place was a flu shot.

Congrast to Gabriel Browne BRA-50 @ the worlds. 14th overall is fantastic. Next year the pack will be chase'n you. Hope you make back to Miami this January.
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