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Default RE: what fin size for a 6.8m on a S type104

Phill104 and others:

I have actually not asked exactly how the stoch fin choice ot the different Starboards is made, but from my persoective it seems like each board get a fin which is in mid sail range for the "typical" user of that board. For example, the Kombat and Flare 97 comes with the same fin (Drake Crossover) but the Kombat comes with a much bigger fin (given boards size/sail range). This is (I think) because a Flare is intended fo Freestyle and a dedicated freestyle sailor will want a much smaller fin for a given sail size than a B&J sailor that uses the Kombat would feel comfotable on.

That said, both a Flare and a Kombat can be trimmed towards more B&j (Flare) or freestyle or wave (Kombat), but then you need to look at different sizes and/or different types of fins.
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