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Hi Emil,

good information from the Deboichet team -

SLALOM FINS by Maynard Finian

The Deboichet slalom range consists of three fins, the SL1, SL2 and Upwind Slalom.

In order to make the decision easier, slalom boards are generally split between two different types. Each type has specific features and fin requirements which are important to optimize your sailing experience.

Low rocker boards ?

Fanatic, Starboard, Tabou, T1, RRD

Suggested fins ? SL2. UW

Reasons ? The SL2 and UW fins help lift the nose of the board up which increases the top-end speed capability of these brands. The SL2 has a free feeling and excellent acceleration. The UW is a good fin for difficult and choppy conditions whilst still having decent speed in flat water.

First recommendation from the team ? SL2
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