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Default Carrying gear to the water

Hi Roger

Not sure this will make it since i can see "sticky thread" and " you are not authorised to view this forum" messages on this page....

Anyway....I have been carrying my gear to the water pretty much the same way for the last 4 years and I now realise i may have been doing it all wrong!

Imagine standing in the V created by the board and sail, board to your left facing forward and sail to your right mast closest to you.

I have been picking up the board using the far side front footstrap but yesterday I picked up my FF158 using the near side front footstrap by mistake and discovered the board and rig was much easier to handle.

Using the near side front strap makes the board sit flat and parallel to the ground and better supports the end of the mast, and generally makes the whole package much more ridgid and stable.

The only down side I can see is that the lower luff of the sails sits hard against the top of the board and any excessive movement between the two could cause the luff to abraid on the non-skid.

Which way do you use?
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