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Question Straps position on my Carve 111 [pictures]

Hi Roger and everybody.

So my new (actually used, 2004) Carve 111 has just arrived. What a board! Even my wife said it's pretty. It's in mint condition (except the footstraps) and I feel I made a really good deal.
I was also shocked how long it is comparing to my FT 148, how delicate the nose and stern feel, and how little space on the stern is there. It also looks to me like the FT has more new features, like cut-outs at the bottom's back, doomed deck, etc.

Here is a pic:

By the way, what are the two long, parallel narrow cut-ins that go at the bottom (the other side, not on the pictures) from the nose through like a half of the board?

Anyway, back to the straps; I know the outside/back straps setup is more slalom-oriented and inside/forward is freeride/wave but how does it really translate into casual blasting out there?
I mean I want speed and performance, but I admit I also want some comfort and enjoyable freeride with this board, too ;-). What is your experience and pros/cons of both setups?

I set the footstraps in the outside/middle position:

A local guy said I'll have problems with my heels getting in the way with water and actually it seems that my feet may stick out a little bit. He said I should set them more inside, especially the back ones. What is your opinion?

In the meantime, I also moved the straps on my F-type 148 all the way back and outside:

I don't have a chance to try the boards now and I'm afraid I may be forced to wait until Spring, so all your comments in the meantime would be really appreciated.


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