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Default 2008 Apollo Formula - Feedback?

Hey there. Anyone sailed the 2008 Apollo yet?

Any feedback on the board? I never sailed the 2007, just read the reviews here and in Windsurfing Mag in the U.S.

How does it compare with the 2007?

Thoughts overall?

In addition to the stock fin, I would try it with my Deboichet 70 cm R16 +8 soft.

I do not currently race, just drag racing friends at my local spot. I would only use in lighter winds, as soon as it is windy enough to plane consistently on my 85 cm wide Slalom I make that switch (and switch back if the wind fades). 150 pounds, would use with 9.8 fully-cammed race sail and 9.0 and 8.3 two-cam freerace sail.

Thanks in advance!
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