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Great explanation from expander;;;
but it does assume there is a very close anology between lift annd drag relatiopn ships for wings/fins nd to that of planing surfaces.(Which has been in doubt in a few posts)

Not sure its anything to do with it but;

An aircraft wing will give lift at a zero angle of attack.(Bernouli /venturi principle;ie air over top surface travels much further than that underneath; creates pressure difference between upper and lower surfaces and cause luift.

A planing surface (ie a board) will not create any lift at zero angle of attack because at zero AoA there iis no momentum exchange.Board /hull or any planing surface needs to be at a slight angle to direction of travel. (Ie even flat slalom boards are sat deeper at tail than front edge)

Taking all this into account dont really think we can assume wing anolgy is a good one. (Especially when we are making conclusions based on them)
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