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Originally Posted by Roger View Post
Hi Marek,
I like the looks of the True Ames Convert and Teardrop, as well as the Gsport Freeride and Freespeed.
Thanks for that, they look cool. I noticed they generally come in 2 types - more straight slalom fins and "curled" freerides (aside from weed fins I disregard right now).
What are the pros/cons in everyday riding of both designs?
(Personally, if I I were to choose now I'd get Gsport Freespeed 34cm for my 6.0 and smaller sails - but honestly I have no experience with fins whatsoever).

Originally Posted by Roger View Post
Hmmmm.... what's the matter with the good looking footstraps that are already on your Carve 111?
Not visible on the pics, but the port side rear strap has the blue cover cloth ripped off (I sort of wrapped it under the velcro, but it will surely rip off completely exposing the black foam-like material below).


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