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Hi Marek,
OK, here's my version of fins 101....
Fins that have a more vertical planform (not so curved on the leading edge) tend to go upwind better, but they are not what you would call "loose and turny".
Fins that have a fully curving leading edge tend to be more "loose and turny" but do not
go upwind as well.
Fins with a very straight vertical planform (Formula Race Fins, TA Series 2000, Gsport SR-6b and F series, tend to be the fastest and go upwind the best, but they don't jibe well and do not handle bump and jump type maneuvers very well.
So, you look at the board, and what it does best, then you look at the fin and what it does best, then you choose how "radical" you think your maneuvers and moves are going to be and you select a fin that compliments what you are doing (the sailing discipline, i.e. racing, slalom, bump and jump, speed, waves), what the board was designed to do best, and use a fin that gives you dependable lift (or lack of lift in wave/freestyle fins) so you don't spin out, but can turn as freely as the board is capable of.
Then you select a size that will work well with the sail size you are going to use and the sailor weight (bigger heavier sailors use/need larger fins as a rule).

OK, didn't see the torn FS cover. I like the DaKine Primo straps, but just about anything from DaKine is pretty good.
Hope this helps,

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