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Default RE: Aero kombat 117 and fin

Hi Jerome, I've put an 8.1 and 7.5 on mine and must say that they "work". The KA117 is with 6.1/6.8 (and wind that fully powers those sails) in a really fun freeride/wave modus. I've used a 5.0 as well and that still works, although by then the board does get a bit big. With larger sails its more like riding a carve and just "cruising" catching the occasional wavefront to "pop". As far as I know the starsurfer 117 is identical to the A117 (predecessor of KA117) (don't know about a starsurfer 140). If she isn't too heavy it should be fun. Just one thing: if you bought the wood version I would try and talk your "learning girlfriend" into learning a bit more on a different board until you are sure she won't fall on it or have the mast whack the tip of/off the board... Wood looks nice but it isn't something made to last long in/on a surfboard, repairs take long and are exspensive.

Fins: different people different tastes.
I weigh 80 and use the stock freeride fin (380) with 6.1 and 6.8 and I like it (no tailwalking, good enough speed (usually don&#39;t wear GPS on KA but when then 27 ~ 30 kts which is much faster than most people are prepared to (can) go in those conditions, haven&#39;t seen any steam behind me though ) through the waves (< 1.5 m)). Still haven&#39;t heard that anybody was happy with the wave fin.

Have fun
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