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With all repect expander thats been crux of thread for a while.
We know some have said high aspect is more efficient; some have said more efficient in certain situations and a couple have said Aspect ratio does not affect overall lift.
If Floyd`s quotes (from some Scientuific papers; listed in post) are taken to have any substance then overrall lift for a planing body is simply a matter of area.
Your post implies a longer leading edge gives more lift.
If planing is a result of momentum exchange over entire area there is no reason to just assume high aspect is any more efficient.(It would simply be matter of max area for minimum leading edge/trailng edge)
On the other hand if planing is a result of lift generated by leading edge then it stands to reason higher aspect would generate more lift.
Nobody has actually said its one or the other (for a fact) with evidence.(Infact evidence provided is contadictory)
Personally reckon leading edge argument is flawed for reasons mentioned in my last post.(ie boards do not have flow over top surface so wing anology is very weak)
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