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Hi Daan
Thanks for the email iS150/144 pics. It looks like how Ian described it to me, straighter outline (not round/ less dish-like) compaired to previous iS145/155, F-types etc. I suspect it will drive upwind better because of the straighter outline. Despite being around 105kg, I think I'll be sticking with the iS144 (ordered & should get it in January). My main reason for choosing the iS144 over the iS150 is this: Although SB say the iS150 is the ultimate light wind slalom feel, I think it will feel like "free formula" not light wind slalom. I'v had a FF158 & used FT148/158 many times and didnt like the softer/detuned formula feel. I prefered the crisper/hard railed ride my Formula 159 gives me, so I stayed with full-on formula. For 2008, I'd like to take a break from formula & try real light wind slalom, I have taken a good look at the 08 iS133 in the flesh, and the outline, rails & bottom shape look like it will be a real light wind weapon. The iS144 should be real good for me with 9m warp & ocassional 11m warp as I'm only looking for a wind minimum of 9-10 knots (no more pumping formula/12m in 6/7 knots for me). The iS144 will be a change up board from my 08 iS111/7.8 warp/9m warp (I collect the iS111 & iS50 next week). Although i'v not seen the iS150 in the flesh, I worry that it will have softer rails than the iS144 and wont be as exciting/crisp as the iS144. If the iS150 is more "free formula" than "light wind slalom" despit its 7cm extra tail width, I'm not convinced it will plan much earlier than the iS144. Will be interesting to hear riders comments on both boards when the start getting circulated. I think the UK will be one of the last places where the iS144/150 will be available.

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