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I can easily say I'm a sort of "teacher" in mast breakage so can put here my 2 cents.
I've experienced almost any mast brand breakage.
Broken Challenger,Severne,NP,Triana.Almost any with RS5 (f....k!).Sail FW the whole year.I use to pay any attention I can (avoiding almost any crash with rocks or something).In summer we have huge temps and we use to cool down masts before rigging and use to make it last mins before going to the water.
But it seems there's no chance to prevent breakages.Oh well,since I've swap for North it was reduced to zero failures (continuing to pay the same attention I payed earlier),but any time I rig thrill is all around!!
Heavier masts kill performance but,as guru Barry says (and me too!),it's better a slower ride then no ride at all!
I think that responsability has to be shared between masts poor construction/bad quality control and some sail brand extreme project.Changing rules (constant increased boards max width with incidental quest for bigger and more stable sails) have their faults too...
I don't think that a better product has to be straight more expensive.It would be enough better if brands can better check their construction process...
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