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Default RE: Carrying gear to the water

Hi Rod,
Hmmmm... where did you see "sticky" thread and "you are not authorized to post".
It came right up as a normal thread for me.
As far as which way to carry your board, there probably isn't a "universal answer" to the right way. So I do not think yoiu've been
"doing it wrong" for 4 years.
It's one of those "whatever works" things, nor really right or wrong.
The "best" way can vary with the width of the board, the conditions (how windy etc.) the size of the board and rig.
I normally carry my boards by the upper front footstrap, with the board
pretty much on edge with the fin facing away from me and the bottom of the board upwind.
The rig is downwind, so a sudden gust won't flip the rig over on top of you and slam your board to the ground.
No reason you couldn't carry it by the nearside footstrap, if that works for you and there are no safety issues for you or others on the beach.
Hope this helps,
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