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Thanks Pete, I read your post carefully.

I've recently moved straps o my FT all the way back/out, but the weather over here (Poland) won't let me try it anytime soon. I hope I'll not have too many problems with the new setup, as I got quite comfortable in both straps (middle positions) last time I was out (admittedly, the wind was low and the chop was small and I was on my 10.0 sail) and I even felt I need more leverage over the fin - thus the decision to move the straps. Can't wait to try the new setting.
I'm also thinking about testing the back foot in first, as the moment between getting the front and back foot always seems like praying for a catapult for me (any tips?).

As for the second board, I've already got Carve 111. Again, I haven't had a chance to try it yet, but I'm pretty excited about it. It also looks like a different board comparing to the Shark I tried; I think it's longer and won't round up on me that much. Also, I didn't have problems with Fanatic except when starting up, once on plane it was ok, I actually got into the straps for the first time in my life on this very board, and I got there right away. On F-type it took me months.
I really think I need a totally different (than the FT) board for the more serious conditions - I survived some pretty nuclear sessions on my FT and 7.5 and now I want a board that is more narrow and will cut through the chop.

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