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Default RE: hybrid carve discontinued?

Hi Fitz,
I posed this question to Svein (the main man at Starboard) and got the following answer.
Since the weight of the Hybrid Carve (with the centerboard footstraps and everything) came in a bit on the heavy side, the board did not really plane up as early or as easily as originally hoped.
So, the board has been discontinued in favor of the new Phantom which is wider and longer, with a longer flatter rockerline that allows it to plane earlier than the Hybrid Carve, and also give better light wind (sub planing) performance due to the longer waterline length.
So, the concept was not really abandoned, (except for the duck tail "stepped hull" part of the concept) but rather replaced with a board that may be a bit better overall, but won't give the short board feel quite as well as the Hybrid Carve when fully powered up.
Hope this helps,
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