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I definitely think a Formula can handle chop a little better. In my opinion you can fly it on the fin and the leeward section of the rail a lot more easily, flying over the chop, both upwind and downwind. The F-Type is less of a handful fully powered / overpowered on a reach. I think the F-Type was a great board for me to progress on as an intermediate, but the Formula is a lot more fun now for me.

I have not sailed the Apollo yet. The racers seem to dismiss at as a slight edge in planing with less speed and control at higher winds, which I can see from a racing perspective. But for me I want earliest possible planing, and I will be off the Formula and onto an 85 cm slalom once the wind is consistently in the low to mid teens, so Apollo seems like it would be best for me. According the some of the reviews (Windsurfing Mag, Roger here) it definitely planes up earlier and more easily than a regular Formula, with the longer planing flat and the longer fin. I plan to also use it with a 70 cm Deb R13 +8 Soft, and I bet with that and the longer planing flat it planes earlier. It arrives late January, will get out on it in the spring and report back...

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