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Hi Christos,

So we don't use the starboard forum as our own chat room.
I will try and find your email at windsurfing.GR
And,, yes I want to race at the FW OCEANIC with my Greek numbers.

Sean O'brien along with everyone else involved, is doing a great job of co-ordinating the event. It looks like being a great 4 days with world class sailors and great racing!
If you and a few of the other Greek Formula guys don't come,,,,,,,
,,,,,,,then the world might think all greek sailors are as slow as me.

So you should
pack your gear,
get on a plane,
go support your sister at the Worlds in NZL,
then stop in Australia on your way home,
and race with us in the OCEANICS.

Ta leme File mou.
GRE 200

P.S Toni has my email. Wish them luck!
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