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That video is great, Ceasar is a great freestyler. Last time in Bonaire I saw him doing awesome trick from 4 knots ....
Since that, I am really having fun those days in light wind with a Start or a SUP with a small sail. I can stay 3-4 hours learning those tricks.

Young guns are starting this fever here....I think of a total new concept in light wind days in windsurfing soon....more than just gliding, but freestyling too.

We are going to have a light wind freestyle championship in March...up to 10 knots and after than switch to Formula style. So we expect to introduce this new freestyle light wind tricks in the events...I think would be lots of fun, specially because 5-10 knots is a great wind for this, but not a great wind for planning for most people...will see, but freestyle is going to produce a big jump in a couple of years for sure...
I can see some light wind freestyle events in pools, clubs, just cool and in the right spot!

best luck!
Ricardo Guglielmino
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