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Originally Posted by PG View Post
Large foot straps: try using DaKine Primo, or maybe some other strap from the DaKine range. I have good experiences setting them big.
Center strap: just mount the back strap across the centerline, naturally using the holes that are closest to center. It looks strange, but actually works very well. On the water you will hardly notice any difference to a "proper" center strap!
This worked well on my Carve 111.
Re: footstraps

the DaKine brand is generally accepted as ****, they have several options including the newer X-Lace version, which provide a external adjustment system, a little loop is exposed and adjustments are simple, been out a year, dont know about durability vs the elements, like sand. Would be a serious option for you esp with booties. The rest of the DaKine take a look at online- the Contours are v.good. Other footstraps of note MFC , and HotSails Maui, both ****.
good winds
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