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Default Changing my large sail.

Hi Roger & all,

I'm in a process of fine-tuning my quiver. Now my largest sail, NS Daytona 10.0 is a great product, but ever since I've changed my mast to Gaastra (to accommodate my 7.5 Gaastra GTX) the rotation became pretty bad (my dealer checked that Gaastra has a slightly larger diameter than my previous mast). So at some point I'm planning to replace Daytona with GTX, with the new, dedicated Gaastra mast (the reason I got Daytona at first place was that it rigs on a 490 mast + carbon extender, by specs).

I'm just wondering about the size. Should I go 9.8 (520 mast) or 10.5 or 11 (550 mast)?
I feel comfortable with 10.0 and I'm wondering how much difference in terms of early planning would the additional 0.7-1 meter do.
And of course I plan to use it on my FT 148 .


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