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Like many purchasers of windsurf gear, I would like to know what I am getting before I buy it. I have been windsurfing for 25 years and I could decide for myself, if I could have the chance to test them all. The best I could do is spend the money to go to the OTC in Tenerife and test all the boards, then have spent the money I would have spent on the board. Just explaining why independent testing or reports are important to me.

I was interested in the Kombat 96 and asked on here. I value the opinion of people who have no connection with a brand but have spent their hard earned money on it. I basically want unbiased, informative opinions. I do not blindly follow Boards test reports, but am constantly studying test opinions from any source for bias. I think generally, most windsurfers are smart enough to realise that a lot of what we read is influenced by people with financial links to the product.

I think replying to test results and putting a counter argument is a better way to deal with a less than glowing report. Withdrawing advertising infers to me that the company is 'leaning' on publishers to bias their results.

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