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Originally Posted by Roger View Post
Hi Marek,
Well, since you are a recreational sailor, I would go with a 520 100% carbon mast.
It will be expensive, no doubt, but not nearly as expensive and fragile as a 550 cm race mast. The 520 will also be considerably lighter in weight.
I'm pretty sure you won't get much gain with an 11.0 m2 rig, over the 10.5 m2 rig, and I'm also pretty sure you would notice the difference between the 9.8 and 10.5 m2 sails.
So, go for the 10.5 GTX on a Gaastra 520 cm mast.
Hope this helps,
This actually means 9.8, as all larger GTX-es rig on 550 masts (sorry if I wasn't clear about it).

Are you sure about the 100% carbon though?
The Gaastra recommended mast for GTX is 75% and I've always heard they are way less fragile than 100s for the much less price and not that much performance loss.
So I was always thinking about getting 75%...


P.S. BTW what do you think will be the difference between 3-cam, freerace GTX and say, 10.0 Sailworks Retro in terms of early planing?
I know now, that I don't need my large sail that much to sail very over-powered - I'd rather like to use it in light winds/flat water and get early planing capabilities.
I know US folks like Retros a lot, but they are hard to get here, in contrast to Gaastra, available everywhere.

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