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Default RE: Aero kombat 117 and fin

Hi jijou,

Regarding locating a wave fin with a Tuttle base, I would recommend checking out the True Ames website as follows:

True Ames offers most of their fins with the different base types found in the market today. While I'm unsure of their general availability in your neck of the woods, you can always special order direct from True Ames. All my wave fins are the True Ames brand.

If you have a taste for more unusual "out of the box" type fins, Wolfgang Lessacher in Germany will make you a custom fin with the base type you prefer. I have a number of his weedfins, and they are the best I've found. I have no experience with Wolfgang's wave fins, but based on the great performance of his weedfins, I have little doubt that would fall short of expectations. Check out his website below.

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