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Post Boards Prices Worldwide

A problem every non-professional windsurfer has to face with is the price of the equipment: we all want (dream..) to have the newer stuff 'cause we've been told they're faster, much easier to use, you won't miss a planning jibe, etc..
Obviously there's a lot of marketing in that enthusiastic statements but that's another point.. But afterall why not: we're like children with toys sometimes!

The point is: how much do you pay for a board? How much do they cost in your country? And what about used ones?

Taking SB (obviously ) for instance, here the general prices are:

- 1499-1599 official new wood model price
-1299 new technora model price
-20% the average discount on new model (1250-1300 for a 1599 board)

- 800 - 850 for a 1 year used model (isonic)
- 600 - 700 for a 2 year used model
- 450 - 550 for a 3 year used model

And so on..

Now..prices are not the same in every country!

Moving a little bit out I've seen (now) 1050 for a brand new 08 board (wood) and 850 for a tech one! Crazy indeed...

And since the US dollar is now at 1.46 $ per I really don't belive that in US you have a 2350 $ for a new board! If so, nevermind..

Let me know how's the situation in your place, I'm really curious!
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