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I used to think formula was a dumb idea for the Olympics because of the relatively high minimum wind requirement for fair racing.

But now I think it might not be so bad. For one thing, it's the only class of windsurfing that has a chance of not being a pure pump-a-thon. (Am I right?)

Having the exact same rules as the regular formula windsurfing class would probably be the simplest thing, i.e. any production equipment goes, just 3 sails and one board. But that would probably never happen, so it would have to be one design.

If it was one design, what would be the best?

Here's what I think:

Durable formula experience board like the current FE 160.
11.0 and 9.0, both rigable on the same carbon mast and boom.
Standard mast base, u-joint, and adjustable outhaul & downhaul for everyone.
2 fins: Maybe 73 cm and 68 cm.
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