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Gosh in Thailand they're very cheap indeed! around 900 for a new wood board!
But if you consider the board themself are made in Thailand you can say: well it could be..

But, as I said, the same situation (1000 new wood board but more expensive used ones..) happens even a little outside my country so it must be a commercial choice for Starboard to sell their product cheaper in "less rich" countries..

The question is hich is the real product price? Our or in the near countries?
Do the brands earn more money here or are they so good to make discounts in poorer places? What do you think?

According the sales, the price here is a little lower than you said in # but if you consider the strenght of euro currency is higher for sure: 450-700 euros for a new sail in shops (official prices are higher, take a look of 2007 North Sails and Naish sails price lists

Hey man, a stealth 12.5 is 1000 , 1460 $!!!!! That's far far too much!
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