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Hi, I can get a new 2008 Board for less than $1300 USD, with just a inquiry to the dealer than sells them in Canada, I'm in the USA.
The import cost to me for a 2008 Witchcraft Tri Fin semi custom ,developed in the Canaries, built and shipped from Bulgaria is 1254 EURO which is $1836 USD delivered within 20 miles of my house, on which according to US Customs, there would be NO, import duty/VAT only a small fee. I dont see how this comparies to the cost of same board in the UK for 1095 L, or $2158 USD for pickup in the store. A used 2007 used board in the USA can be purchased for $799.00, I have one advertised, still for sale. And could point out several more. US prices are considerably less than most of the world, we do however pay for other things ( health care as the first example that comes to mind) that many nations do not. Sails from 2007 are discounted up to --20%, quiver discounts higher.
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