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well, 2007 sure sucked. Blasting days for me were in total about 8! total surf days was like 20 max. i was eighter busy with studies or i couldn't get a lift to my spot. I had to amazing days in france with 27+ knots and i had 3 more days in sicily (could have had more but my mom wanted to move on) and then likfe 3 more 12 knot days on my own spot late spring (i should have gone in july and end of september, we had an exceptionally windy summer but i was unable to go). Appart from learning A LOT (lightwind freestyle in particular) and surfing some really exceptional places 2007 didn't offer me much to scratch my itch with. Gonne make 2008 a better year, a lot better (hopefully i'll be getting my driverslicense crap sorted before march)
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