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Just popped across and read the boards thread.

I regularly read both Boards and Windsurf Mags and enjoy the board reviews within both. Boards reviews do make one think and theri panel includes guest testers as well. Windsurf on the other hand rarely makes any real negative points.

Surprised to see an advertising boycott by Tushingham and Starboard.

Tushingham is the UK importer for Starboard so perhaps it is only Tushingham….

Whatever, on the face of it, in my eyes, this apparent attitude of non-dialogue and withdrawal of advertising revenue as a result of a test report will be bad for windsurfing in general and for Tuhingham and Starboard in particular. Shame…

Incidentally I have within my ‘stuff’ 2 Starboard boards (carves) and 3 Tushingham sails (Lightning & 2 T3’s) amongst others….

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