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Default testing and buying

...i remember that american windsurfer mag ( now defunct) stopped board testing for many reasons also some of the reasons listed here.
but some of us need these tests, heres why.
One comment here rings so true, going to tenerife and testing gear to buy, and then finding one has blown all the cash on said trip ( including bars booze and broads too) trip that otherwise would have been spent on a board is not a good way to pick gear .
( had lots of fun though)
Well, think , maybe this scenario is not such a bad thing when the 8'3" wave god board you bought sailing in tenerife like conditons
Turns you "mr cool into fool" as you sink on it in 8 knots back home in that blistering 8 knot zephr that regularly happen.

Ive sailed many venues , maui 6 times, dom rep tiwce,costa rica the gorge and the gear there aint going to work back home ( and home gear wont work at these place either , i found out when i took home gear to the gorge, a week long "body slamfest/ advil feast" ensued) the tacos/ cascade brewery malt took my bowels for a ride but i digress .

but i have always wondered what would it take to get a manufacturer to show their products off at a demo day(s) at a popular venue so people can sail and buy
Better yet a do it for a week at a time .I would have to drive for ten hours from where i am to get to a good sized shop for a demo weekend.
i say that as it just doesnt happen over here in canada , (does it elsehwere ??)

but if a shop sells a manufacters kit they should be obliged to demo gear on a regular basis.,
Give them incentives. Give the shop a better wholesale price on the demo stuff to make efforts worth their while.
Hey better yet, set up a starboard demo team for a few countries . "stopping in at a shop near you". It would not have to be Antoine Albeau or Kevin Pritchard.
There plenty of a wet behind the ears but keen eager youth to do the job , (i believe in youth they can do it, in fact when your young a stupid you can do anything i am old and stupid and still think i can ) no really young eager kids are capable.

I CAN SEE IT NOW, a team of hand picked eager, young guns on minimum wage, maximum stoke ,high G trip.
travelling over hill and dale , on a windsurf pilgrimage, spreading the stoke, to convert the heathen masses

( oh ohh is this the start of windsurfing fundamentalism? ,ah but i digress)

fueled by nothing except cases of red bull and chicken flavoured potatoe chips to a sailing venue near you, to ply these wares, and show how damn good this kit is!!!

It is that good,

isnt it manufacters?

then POP goes my baloon.

Obviously ......i am a dreamer,...and cash is king.

any marketing peon for a major manufacterer worth half his weight in salt ah er, ( windsurf reference) bottom turns , is going to make the big wigs damn as "the goods' can easily and more cheaply be pimped by glossy pamplets, websites , or in a rag with equipment reviews, ahh er make that rave equipment reviews!! ...

anything else doesnt wash ,
so again, maybe for these reasons the status quo will not change and unless starbord or any of the major brands shows up at my door with lots of kit on
1. a windy day
2. a day I have off work.
3. a day my wife lets me out of the house.

logical conclusion??

" jeff you need reviews ,"my mental spock speaks.

hmm yes, better yet i will keep sailing that old plastic tiga 268 slr and save my money for those maui trips.

spock, " a smart fiscal move captain"

me "but spock, not as fun"

"shred ", spock speaks " the vulcan temple of logic was not rebuilt from its lowly origins of a lava tube into a marble palace , to increase enlightenment of the logical mind, the addition of marble would do nothing of the sort and therefore be illogical"

he continued, " much like your rotomoulded tiga , being built copied and rebuilt soley of carbon fibre with a gold leaf covering , marble being too dense, would make feeling the free wind in your face or cool waters lapping at you heels which you have mentioned is the core of you shredding experience really any better in the end"

" yes spock true, but that board would get me the chicks in maui"

spock, "you cant go to maui they closed down the vacation rentals'

"damn them spock damn them, and pass me the rag with the reviews"

loose bowels be damned cabarete here i come

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