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I won't bore you with details, but I have recorded every sailing session for the last three years, since I got a gps. I record date, top speed, average speed, time on the water, distance sailed, board used, sail used, fin used and sailing site.

2005 - 52 sessions
2006 - 63 sessions
2007 - 48 sessions (not a good year for wind)

Mostly on weekends and holidays - I am a married, working man, but did get in a few late afternoon sessions during the work week. Would like to get more tow, but have to balance work, wife and sailing.

Those with more free time could easily get over 100 good sessions a year in north Texas.

Yesterday was my second outing of the year. 18 to 35 knot winds, which was more work than fun. Very over power on my 4.0 in some gusts. Big wind shadow near shore, so those on sinkers were swimming from time to time. I was on a 105 L board, which wasn't happy in the wind gusts. It was 78 degrees F yesterday, a little unusual even for north Texas. Water in the upper 40's F.
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