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Ian Fox
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Default RE: SB2007 website is online now, please post your comment here.

Hey Marcio,

One problem we had with the (old/previous) numbers posts was often we had a blank or double post (etc) in the middle of the thread that had to be cleaned, if we were not quick(like instant quick) to clean it, the next guy came in and said "I agree with 7" (or whatever) , but when we cleaned blank or double or b/S post from (say) position 5, then #7 became number 6. And so on..
Sounds simple. and it was, but strange how many complex discussion it was affecting.

So with the current new system we gain (Quote etc as J-M explained) and we lose (as per the old system you explained).

But overall the new system gains more than we lost.
That's why we're here.

Thanks for the comments and feedback.

Cheers ~ Ian
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