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Originally Posted by AlexWind View Post
Gosh in Thailand they're very cheap indeed! around 900 € for a new wood board!
But if you consider the board themself are made in Thailand you can say: well it could be..
Well if you check their site a Carbon Art slalom board is a mere 1.010 EUR in NZ...

I think that transport costs do mean a lot on such large fragile items. Also national distributors probably do add a lot. In '06 I asked KA sail to quote me a two Koncept quiver and they made me a nice price (delivered to my door, including shipping and taxes). I didn't decide immediately. After some time they agreed with Speeding for distribution in Italy, so when I asked them to confirm prices they told me to refer to Speeding instead. I expected to have a better deal, thanks to more efficient shipping (a lot of sails in a container, instead of just my two sails by plane)... but discounted price from importer were higher instead. This by the way convinced me that selling on the web and shipping to the customer is the way to go. And this also proves that importers do not add efficiency to the market (did they stock at least!)
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