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I have had 5 sessions on my new 111, using sails from 7.5 to 5.7 in winds from 12 to 20+ knots. I bought the board primarily for 7.5 sailing, with occasional 8.5 or 6.5 usage. It worked well with the 5.7 in 20+ knots, but a little scary. 7.5 felt best with the board. I really like the board, but am having one big problem. Some of you may have some suggestions.

I am having difficulty getting into the back straps cleanly. I can't get enough weight on the front foot to smoothly move the back foot into the strap. With the straps so far out on the rail, it's hard to hit the strap cleanly with my foot. I even rotated the rear straps, moving the front screw to the inside insert and the rear screw on the outside insert, hoping it would give me a better angle to get my foot in the strap. It has helped, but I almost always head up into the wind trying to get in back strap.

Also, the straps are too small. This is partially because of my moving the front screws into the inside inserts. I have them as big as I can get them, but with winter booties, it's pretty tight. My heals drags in the water occasionally, so I have to rotate my feet somewhat to keep them out of the water. I have sailed Formula for 6 years so I have had plenty of time with outboard straps, but I must say that getting into the back straps cleanly on a formula board is a bit of challenge too.

Great gybing, accelerates quickly, fast and exciting. As with any new board, one has to figure out the tuning and technique.

The smaller Drake fin (38cm) seems small. Lots of spin out which I can probably reduce by putting less pressure on the back foot. Takes practice. I have used the larger fin (44cm) on all but one outing and like the size much better. I weigh 80kg. I may consider a custom fin, but will be using the board mostly for free sailing so I will probably stick with the Drake fins for awhile.
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