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Hi Ken
I'm in size 12 boots at the moment (The waters got real cold now). I'm using the outer plugs for the footstraps & dont seem to get any heal drag.

Getting back foot in:
Next time your out, try swinging forward at the hips to keep the board bearing off the wind. This will also keep your back foot nice & light. Also, look down wind, dont look down at your feet.

Heal drag:
I'd take a look at your boots, they might be real thick, maybe 5mm or more. The soles & toe-cap area might have to much grip making it hard to slide your feet in (theres also alot of grip on SB new deck pads). They will get smoother with wear & tear. I hate new winter boots for these reasons and usually attack them with a piece of wet & dry sand paper (weird I know, but does smooth things out).

Try moving your harness lines back a few centre meters, you might have them to far forward & in turn putting to much juice through the back hand (which will load your back leg up to much). Another way to accidently load the back leg up is using to shorter lines (try longer lines) or boom set to high (try it slightly lower, ex-formula might mistake). Try playing around with these settings to get the iS111 tuned in.

Have fun

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