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with no offence to Starboard.

i'm sticking with my old trusty 161 and not going to buy a 162.
some initial tests suggest there is only slight difference which probably F-192 a big guy may feel it.
Mortals like me won't feel a pinch at all.

interestingly, the new Vapor formula board is coined from 160 design.

i believe the Starboard guys will reply to my post on preaching about the new 162...
however, consumers will decide with their wise judgement.

example, Mauisails recent switch to wide-luff design is overdue and late.
back then, they were preaching hard on their own designs as a rock.

now, there's no Formula representation and worse still, their 2 top riders are leaving the brand (KP and Taty joining Sarah who left for NP).
i hope Starboard will not end up like them.
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