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Default Waterline Extender Idea

What do you think:
- Take a wide board 230x90+/- (or a formula board) and add a long center "spine"
- the idea is to extend the waterline length to improve the subplanning speed of the board
- the spine would be +/- 4.5m x 12"x12" (think half of a serenity) probably +/- 110litres (could be made two piece)
- the "spine" would attach to the underside of the board by the finbox (the fin would attach to the spine (with a finbox) and be connected to the board via longer bolts through the board's finbox) - and a single bolt and plate at the front of the board (2 connections)
- when sailing if the leeward side of the board was depressed, the spine should act as a long single waterline
- the spine would extend past the board approx 1 m at the front and 1 m at the back (must ensure the coe & clr line up)
- hopefully you could get the weight down fairly low (6kgs?) - no footstaps centreboard etc...

Just think of the racing class potential for this!

All you designers out there let me know - it is cold outside so it is time to let the mind wander!
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