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In 10knts +, you would remove the spine and you have your planning board. In less than 10knts, it should sail like a serenity, a non planing hull.

Regarding Jim Drake's desin, I think it was called the mercury, similar idea but with the removable spine, you can remove all the excess weight needed with long waterline length. The main problem with hybrid boards is that at planning windspeeds, they are very heavy (think rsx and kona).

I think the question is how light would the spine be? - 6kg would be the target (9kg board + 6kg spine = 15kg longboard)
Is that possible for that shape at 110litres at a low cost/tech?
This is where I have my doubts (I think it would be more like 9kg which maybe too heavy)

Who wants to volunteer to build one?

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