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I tend to agree with Ola as well: freestyle tricking in light wind would be better done with Aero 117 than with Futura 122 or 133. Your idea to keep Aero 117 for B&J and tricks and choose a Futura for efficient freeriding and flat water blasting is indeed the best choice IMHO.

Originally Posted by Ola_H View Post
And most of all, my guess is that even a superlight 10m2 freak (or 9.0) would be better handled by the bigger 133l board. Not that it could not be made to work on the 122, but t will surely be a more natural and comfortable fit on the 133.
I doubt it. The tail of Futura 122 is way too small (46.7 cm wide) for efficient blasting with a 10 m2 sail. That of Futura 133 (50 cm) is still a bit too small as well whereas that of Futura 144 (52 cm) starts to be in the efficiency zone with say a 50-52 cm fin with a 10 m2 sail in the 8-10 knots wind range. You'll need wide tail, big fin and sail to really start and sustain planing as of 8 knots.

If you really want to blast in light 8-10 knots wind with a powerfull 10 m2 freerace/slalom/racing sail, an iSonic 122 or 133 would be much more efficient for a 72 kg weight rider IMHO.

As for jumping between a Fu122/133/144/iS122 + 10.0 m2 sail and Kombat 96 + 6.3 sail, this is stretching it way too much. An intermediate sail in the 7.x-8.x range is needed (hence, keeping Aero 117 + 8.0 superfreak). Please find below the board+sails range I'm using in the 7-20 knots wind range (183 cm x 65 kg) :

flat water blasting HS105:
10.6/11.0 racing sail : 7-12 knots wind; 54 cm race fins
8.2 racing sail: 10-15 knots wind; 40 cm race/32 cm slalom fins
6.6 racing sail : 15-20 knots wind; 32/26 cm slalom fins

freeride/freemove/freewave Kombat 86:
6.9 freemove sail : 12-18 knots wind; 30 cm freeride/24 cm wave onshore fins
6.2 wave sail : 15-20 knots wind; 30 cm freeride/24 cm wave onshore fins

I'm curious to learn why you think your Carve 131 wasn't as exciting as expected.

Cheers !

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