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Default Marketing hype: since you bring it up...

> problem every non-professional windsurfer...
> we all want (dream..) to have the newer stuff 'cause we've been told
> they're fastermuch easier to use, you won't miss a planning jibe, etc..

> Obviously there's a lot of marketing in that enthusiastic statements
> but that's another point.. But afterall why not: we're like children with
> toys sometimes!

Sorry, but you do bring it up...

Your introduction is as important as the topic itself: there's not a lot of marketing, it's ALL marketing hype. You know, the "200x board reviews" in magazines, "go a lot faster if you buy the new ...", etc.

I'm sure it makes a diff for pros for which we see the pics at the top of this (manufacturer) forum, but for the other 99.9% that sail on lakes and shores?? No it doesn't.

Furthermore, I don't want a board or pay for that is faster for them in races or speed world records, but on which I personally may or may not go .1 knot faster, for the very specific conditions for that very particular brand new gear. Next thing you know, one needs to buy a trailer to carry all that gear.

And I don't want yet a new sail or board that will make my jibes easier. (Knowing too that the year after will be a brand new gear that will make my jibes yet easier.) I've seen plenty of videos of pros that can jibe very well thank you with 2005 and 2002 and 2006 gear. Therefore it must be possible - after all, they make it look easy, and I want to work at it on my gear that is only 2-3 years old and improve at it. I've seen little improvment in the sail skills of those who renew the "quiver" year after year.

Sorry for the rant - again - and I know it's not the gist of this topic. But we're trying to promote our wonderful sport and fun sailing, as opposed to gear buying. That's me.

Cheers all and happy 2008.

PS: back to the thread, all brand new gear is expensive in them's parts, period.
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