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Thanks for the reply.

Once again very excellent imformation, and obviously one of the reasons Starboard stays at the forefront of sailboard technology.

My board has now arrived and I am waiting for a day with wind to sail it! Having looked at the board very closely it defineately looks smaller than the Stype and may well out perform it in high wind. I guess proof is in the pudding. However as the OLD Salty said, its almost more fun just trying these things out against your mate.

I'm not sure if everyone else is like me, but it takes somewhere between 10-20 sails to get a board really running sweet and after 3 solid years on my Hypersonic I'm still getting small improvements. These are coming through refining technique, new sail technology and offcourse fin selection. I would never have dreamt 3 years ago of going 30 knots with a 8.4 and Hypersonic in less than ideal conditions.

So therefor it is sometimes unrealistic to get a new board and expect to smoke your mates with the first couple of outings. I can say that my sailing has improved by sticking with the same board (hypersonic) and now I can add to it, with confidence.

The Futura for me is all about speed and safety, being a father and weekend racer, I dont want to many spectacular crashes at 35 knots +.

So hopefully I will reporting back here again soon on the Futura 93 in relation to Ians coments above
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