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Hey Formula,

Sorry to say but you might get left on the startline this season without a 162. We had our first big event in Australia over the weekend trying out all the new boards (Starboard, Gaastra, Exocet - still no F2's here yet).

I was very impressed with the speed of the new 162. In the hands of the top guys in the fleet there were definitely some major speed improvements from the events only a few weeks ago where we were all on 160/161's. Also there were considerable improvements in the middle-fleet guys.

I think a good guide to a board's overall improvement can be to look at the guys in the middle of the fleet (who 2 weeks ago using their 161's were still in the middle of the fleet) - now on the 162 were pushing the top 10 in all the races. No new sails. No new fins. Just new boards.

The shape is considerably different to the 161 you'll find. Its incredibly refined in the nose, slightly wider tail, appears to have more rocker although I never measured it. I think its a great step forward and will definitely be one of the fastest boards on the market for the 2 year period. The comments from one DreamTeam member at the event was basically that you are wasting your time riding anything else this season.

BTW, I'm not riding Starboard boards this season so I'm not just making this comment to be polite


thank you for your correction and view on the new 162.
your comments and reviews are unbiased and honest.

i will check out the new 162.

good luck in Brisbane.
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