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For those that get hooked on kiting - go for it. I have no problem with kiters.

I am an old dog with limited time on the water, so learning a new sport isn't appealing, especially since I have committed 24 years to windsurfing.

Kiteboarding makes little sense unless one is committed to tricks and big air. Without that, reaching back and forth, or working upwind for some down wind speed just doesn't look like much fun.

I think it takes a lot more time (years) to be at the top of your game in windsurfing than kiteboarding. I have see kiteboarders achieve spectacular tricks and air in relatively short periods of time.

Even with the quick release they now have on the kites, you have got to be on your toes to be able to hit it when you have been smashed into the water or yanked off your feet. A lot more people die on kites than windsurfing, and the number of kiters on the water is just a small fraction of the windsurfers around the world.

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