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no problem with kiters, last year in Italy i had chosen the wrong sail and a board that was a bit too small and i had a really hard time getting back on it when i fell, then some kiter dude comes along, asks if he needs to get the boat, luckily i just felt a nice wind coming and i managed to paddle myself with all my strength back on the board.
Still amazed so few people die windsurfing, i mean, when i see the Jaws some people surf i piss myself. But then again those are pro's or semi pro's. Maybe kitesurfers don't think too much kidding, but i mean, it's young people looking for extreme kicks, if you don't use you're brain at all times, i can immagine you can get yourself in a pretty bad situation. Not that i'm any better, i'm not even 20 i barely use my head eighter, but i make sure i never fly solo when it's a bit dodgy
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