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Originally Posted by Jean-Marc View Post
Sorry I cannot comment any further about your intended jumps from 10.0 to 7.5 sail (I don't have a 7.5) or from 9.0 down to 6.3 sail (I don't have a 9.0) althought the last option is stretching a bit the sail range with a few or no overlap I'm afraid (it's fine to jump down to my 6.6 sail once my 8.2 sail is fully overpowered in a solid 15 knots).

Forget about using Kombat 96 with an 8.0 sail, the board is for sure too small.

From what you told us, it looks like Futura 122 might be the best combo to par with a 9.0 (+7.5) +6.3 sail quiver and then switch over to Kombat 96 +6.3 sail combo.
We agree, JM, it just must not be clear in my posts.

10.0 to 8.0 / 7.5 is definitely do-able, depending on the sails. I don't have a 9.0, I have an 8.0 SuperFreak and an old 8.7 Z1 still in good shape (and anticipate replacing the Z1 with the biggest sail a 122 or 133 can carry). So I'm really going 8.0 to 6.3, or even 6.3 to 6.3 (changing boards). Plus, I have an Aero 117 in the middle (which is set up more for wave sailing and thus I'd like to keep it out of the mix in flat water, but like it quite a lot).

The K96 never sees anything larger than the 6.3, which I find to be at the upper end of the board's sweet spot.

I too, kind of like the F122, but it would be kind-of maxed out trying to make use of my 520 race mast, which fits the 8.7 but in modern sails it fits nothing smaller than 9.5. So that's the temptation of the 133...

Thanks again!
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